Transformer Technical Services

Asset Reliability

The loss of specialist knowledge is an ongoing risk for Asset Managers.

Recognising the need to support our customers beyond the supply of leading edge monitoring technology, CAMLIN POWER can provide expertise at any stage of transformer management with our teams of world-renowned transformer experts.

Our Transformer Technical Services team offer:

  • Transformer Condition Assessment
  • Remote Technical Support & Condition Assessment
  • Fleet Ranking
  • Failure Analysis
  • Overload Evaluation
  • Design Review & OEM Support
  • Training

Transformer Condition Assessment

The testing program provides an in depth status report into the real time condition based risk associated with transformer performance.

In-service tests will provide the data to evaluate the current operational condition.

Remote Technical Support

Our Transformer Technical Services team work with customers to understand existing monitoring tools providing guidance on setup of alarm conditions, generation of condition reports, and support of initial defect analysis.

Remote Assessment

Utilising standard Transformer design and test data (Nameplate, Oil Quality, DGA), CAMLIN POWER’s Transformer Technical Services experts can provide an analysis of Transformer Condition with recommended actions for customer information.

Fleet Ranking

Using advanced algorithms developed over years of utility operational and transformer design expertise, the CAMLIN POWER Transformer Technical Services team work directly with customers to analyse a fleet of assets and rank based on condition.

Failure Analysis

Understanding why a transformer fails is an important step in asset management.

The Transformer Technical Services team provide detailed post mortem analysis to understand failure modes and recommend preventative measures to minimise risk and prolong asset life.


Overload Evaluation

Overload capability is key to understanding the safe operation of Primary Transformers during periods of unpredictable overload.

Our Transformer Technical Services team can produce Asset Overload Evaluation reports that quantify safe overload capabilities and provide vital data to promote safe asset performance and reliable system management.

Design Review

Understanding transformer design is vital in providing insight as to how defects can be predicted and the current condition of your transformer.

Utilising key parameters such as thermal & mechanical performance and thermal life of insulation, CAMLIN POWER can provide an independent review of OEM drafts, drawings, calculations, procedures, materials etc. to support correct design for functionality in service.

OEM Support

CAMLIN POWER’s Transformer Technical Services team can also work with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) to assist with Factory Acceptance Tests (F.A.T) and specification review.


Training can be tailored to specific customer requirements, covering a wide range of topics. A key aspect of our Condition Assessment projects is the transfer of knowledge through on-site training and delivery of a project report.

  • Transformer Design, Ranking & Monitoring
  • Transformer Accessories & Instrument Transformers
  • Transformer Oil (DGA) Diagnostics & Analysis
  • Transformer Lifetime & Maintenance
  • Moisture In Oil & Oil Processing
  • Transformer Design Review