PROFILE IP3 (Independent Pole)

Circuit Breaker Analyser

PROFILE IP3 is designed specifically for circuit breakers with an independent pole per phase and provides a unique insight into their true condition. Capturing the vital ‘first trip’ on all three poles simultaneously, along with powerful analysis, shows how the breaker would perform in a real-life fault situation.

Today many utilities use transmission line Single-Pole Tripping (SPT) and Single-Pole Reclosing (SPR) to enhance power system stability and reliability. In many power systems, tripping and reclosing all three phases for single phase to ground faults may cause the system to lose synchronism under certain operating conditions.

Three pole tripping and reclosing are necessary for multiphase faults, however for single phase earth faults which are the most frequent, it is possible to trip and reclose the faulted phase while keeping the healthy phases energised.

Test Result On PROFILE IP3

After an IP (Independent Pole) test has been completed, results will be displayed on the PROFILE P3 as shown below.

The values of the key parameters, such as Buffer, Acon & Mcon can be individually selected and displayed for each phase.

Independent Pole Test Result

Analysing Test Results on PROFILE IP3

After tests have been completed they can be saved for subsequent retrieval from the Auxilary menu. The key parameters for each phase are displayed in tabular form as shown below.

Independent Pole Test Result

A record can be selected and graphed, which displays a Trip / Close profile for each phase as shown below.

Overlaying of graphs

Up to four test records can be graphed for comparison and analysis as shown below. The First Trip / Close profiles on any phase can be compared with subsequent Trip / Close profiles.


Online Test

Online Test

The schematic diagram shows how the PROFILE IP3 is connected for an independent pole test on a ‘live’ circuit breaker.

  • The DC current flowing through the trip coils is measured by a Hall- Effect CT and provides analysis of both the trip coils and main mechanism operations
  • The voltage probe measurement provides a clear indication of the condition of the DC battery and associated wiring
  • Peg CT’s indicate when the current flowing in each pole has been interrupted, which gives main contact time

Offline Test

Offline Test

The schematic diagram shows how the PROFILE IP3 is connected for an independent pole Offline Test when the circuit breaker has been isolated.

The addition of an Interface Unit enables DC current to be injected through each pole of the circuit breaker. This enables the main contact and ‘pole-spread’ times to be accurately measured.

PROFILE IP3 Accessories

  • 2 Independent Pole Interface Units
  • 3 DC Probe (Hall Effect CT)
  • 3 Peg CTs
  • 3 DC Voltage leads & probes
  • 2 DC power leads
  • Carry case with strap
PROFILE IP3 with accessories