On-line Generator Partial Discharge Monitor

For the first time Asset Managers have in-depth knowledge of Generator condition at their fingertips. INTEGO GM represents the next generation of monitor – reliable Partial Discharge data automatically converted into powerful and intuitive information.


Trending Partial Discharges (PD) over time is a key factor to prevent early failures and extend stator insulation life. Meaningful results and correct data interpretation is achievable only by measuring PD under the same load, temperature and voltage conditions.

INTEGO GM is the only system correlating PD data with generator operating condition, thus providing real information enabling asset managers to dramatically reduce insulation degradation rate and extend generator life.

The unique capability of summarizing PD events at different operating conditions, including PD at machine start-up, makes INTEGO GM the perfect tool for generators under cycling regime or subjected to highly variable load.

INTEGO GM enables an asset strategy based on knowledge and reliable information. Designed to the highest industrial standards, INTEGO GM is suitable for safe installation in live operating conditions and is designed for extreme environmental conditions.

Above: PDE weekly summary showing PD Energy in each phase depending on operating status (Start, Stop and Low/Medium/High Load)

INTEGO GM Features

  • Weekly summary of the PDE (PD Energy) at different operating conditions including machine start and stop
  • Genuine continuous 24/7 monitoring
  • Machine starts and hours-of-operating counter
  • Embedded web server & web-based software
  • Dynamic & automatic noise rejection - no manual tuning
  • Alarms readily available from day 1 after installation
  • Simple, accessible and easy to use
  • Fully integrated intelligence and database
  • Deep investigation tools implemented - no supplementary instruments required
  • Results summarized and shown at configurable time interval for easy correlation with winding temperature, load, humidity, vibration, etc…)
  • Results in both mV and nC
  • Advance PD result filtering based on the operating conditions
PD activity before and after maintenance

Above: PD activity before and after maintenance

Simple installation and commissioning

  • INTEGO GM fits all capacitive couplers and can be installed in live conditions
  • No tuning or observation period required
  • Once installed INTEGO GM is ready to go

User friendly, easy to understand information in 3 levels

1. Basic Information

  • Immediate picture of the machine status showing PD vs operating condition
  • No need for expert interpretation

2. Advanced Parameters

  • Allows in-depth analysis
  • Evaluation of all the common PD parameters for trending (Qmax, Qm+, Qm-, NqN+, NqN-, Repetition Rate, …)

3. Investigation Tool

  • Additional tools for advanced diagnosis
  • PRPD Patterns, operating condition Correlation Map and Pulse Height Analysis plot for advance diagnosis